When joy takes leave, friends betray, fortune frowns and springs depart, when you are left, to your dismay, alone to face with shattered heart, the tempest on the shore, You feel lost as never before. When things are no more the same, try once more and play the game. Wipe the tear and stop the cry, sky is the limit if you try.

Secretary, Shri Rajkumar Sahu

Life is like that. A challenge that tests our strength of body and mind; a mystery that baffles our understanding; a riddle that gets more complicated the more we try to figure it out; a tough exam where you are called upon to answer the most unexpected questions and solve the most complex problems. You have to first carry the cross if you want the crown. ”Good times and Bad times and all times, pass over.” A cheerful frame of mind makes a tea kettle sing even when it has hot water upto its nose.

Thomas Alva Edison was made deaf on an unexpected occasion when a station master boxed his ears. He didn’t lose faith or hope and refused to accept defeat as he persisted with his experiments. His strong belief and undaunted will power resulted in a spate of invention. ”Necessity is the mother of invention” so goes the adage. It needs a catalyst for activation and that is provided by one’s will power. If you begin to think today, then you are the master for tomorrow. In other words, thinking is the first step for determining our destiny. Even great doctors and psychiatrists are of the opinion that the best panacea rests upon patient’s belief in himself than the medicines prescribed.

Strong will power can move mountains. It can work miracles. So, work with full dedication, devotion, confidence, patience, strong determination and above all faith in God to reach the pinnacle of all glory & success.

Wishing you all the best !